Cheshire FA Update: Youth Review Guidance

Cheshire FA

We just received an email from the Cheshire FA regarding their 2017 Cheshire FA League Development Day and the FA’s Youth Review. It reads:

The FA Youth Review was introduced in 2012 to improve enjoyment, fun and development of young players. Its implementation allows for more touches of the ball, on better proportioned pitches, increasing the involvement in the game for young players as a whole.

As players and teams progress up the age groups within their league each season, the format and length of the game may change to align to the Youth Review. This has led to some confusion with parents, coaches and players who have requested more clarity.

The morning workshop of our 2017 Cheshire FA League Development Day focused on how we can support our youth leagues in refreshing the game. As part of this we launched our FA Youth Review guidance video that we have produced to support clubs, leagues, parents and players in greater understanding the changes made in the review.

The guidance video also provides you with key information to ensure regulation of the FA Youth Review, to support player development and help demonstrate the importance of both understanding and adhering to it.

This is the guidance video, which we urge you to watch and share with other parents so you’re completely up to speed:

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