Cheadle & Gatley Team with Strength & Performance

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Strength & Performance (S&P) in Stockport to provide our members with dedicated youth fitness programmes.

S&P specialise in training systems aimed at developing areas including balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, strength, power and speed, all of which are essential for increasing athletic potential.

They give your child all the tools to excel in their sport, whilst helping to prevent injury through a strength and conditioning program including jumps, throws, strength and flexibility.

Where is S&P located? 

Our address is:

Strength and Performance
Manor Works
Coronation Street

(Travelling from the direction of Portwood Roundabout in Stockport, drive up Tiviot Way to the roundabout (near Asda and Halfords) and take the fourth exit on to Sandy Lane. After the petrol station, turn left down Coronation Street. Further down the road look out for the red and white S&P signs around the gym. NB the entrance to the gym is on Weston Street not Coronation Street.)

What is the cost? 

The cost is usually £30 per month for 1 session a week, however because we are partnered with C&G the price will be £25 per month for all C&G members.

What are the session times and days? 

The times are either 4:30pm for the primary school children and 7:15pm for the secondary school children.

We currently run the following sessions:

  • Mon/Wed/Thurs for primary school children at 4:30pm
  • Mon/Wed for secondary school children at 7:15pm

We have limited space for children in the sessions, so it will be on a first come first served basis, although we will look to open more session times if required.

How do I enrol my child? 

Please fill in this form below and Kate will give you a call to take your payment details, answer any queries and fully onboard your child into the S&P System.

Common FAQs 

  1. Is lifting weights safe for my child? 

This must be the biggest myth out there when it comes to children and training. It never seems to disappear despite the lack of proof to back up the claim.

The first question is what do we think of when we think of lifting weights, no doubt someone lifting something really heavy.

Strength work can come in many forms and at S&P we only progress the child to using external load (i.e barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc) when they can control their own bodyweight in various movements.

  1. Why should my child do a Strength & Conditioning Program?

We believe all children need to improve their base level of general physical preparedness (GPP) to help with the demands of the sport.

We often see kids encouraged to play in a higher age category or take part in extra sessions, which might sound great in theory, but what is not considered is that the child may not be ready for the extra demands/stressors being placed on their young body. Resulting issues may not show up until a few years down the line when they develop chronic injuries from overuse.

Our job as Strength & Conditioning coaches is to make sure the children are well conditioned so when they are exposed to more demand/stress then their bodies can handle it.

In addition to this, if your child’s level of physical preparedness is improved then they will more than likely start to excel in their sports by running faster, jumping higher and improving their ability and speed when changing direction, to say a few.

  1. What type of things do you do? 

Our training system covers all areas of athletic ability. The structure is usually the following:

– Movement based warm up

– Low level plyometrics

– Jumps/sprints

– Strength work

– Conditioning work

  1. Can you advise on nutrition? 

Yes we can advise parents on all areas of physical performance. Training in the gym is just one aspect of becoming a better athlete, other areas to address which are just as important are:

– Sleep

– Nutrition

– Recovery

– Mindset

A few words from some parents: 

“Ben comes to the gym because he just generally enjoys being active. He plays a variety of different team sports but really enjoys the individual challenge of the activities at S&P. Also, because he plays a lot of football to a high level, I felt it was important that he develops his fitness and strength which will hopefully compliment what he does at football training. He’s quite competitive too so I think when I come home telling him what I’ve been doing in the gym he wants to see if he can do the same!! He’ll be lifting more than me before I know it.”


“Since starting training with S&P 6 months ago, Will has grown massively in terms of confidence, mobility, fitness, coordination and overall general wellbeing.” 


“Dominic gave up swimming for Stockport Metro, I was looking for a replacement activity that would keep him fit and healthy all year round. Dom does play seasonal sports but wanted a supplementary activity to fit alongside these. He has gained confidence, determination, an increased level of self esteem and an exercise habit. Also perseverance, he has learnt progress is steady rather than instant and that this is often more rewarding than instant gratification.”

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