40th Anniversary Club Presentation Event

CGJFC 40th Anniversary Ceremony

To celebrate our 40th anniversary we are holding a club presentation for all the children. Each player will receive a trophy for their participation this season. In addition, awards for Player of the Year and Manager’s Player of the Year will be presented.

This fantastic event will be held at Nixons Farm on Sunday 21st May. There will be food and drinks provided for the children, parents are welcome to bring there own drinks (alcoholic) and there will be a BBQ to purchase food for the adults.

Presentation Times

  • U6-U9: 12-1:30pm
  • U10-U12: 2-2:30pm
  • U13-U16: 4-4:30pm

As there is limited parking at Nixons and the tea rooms are open to the public it will be best if only managers use the car park who are bringing the trophies, please park in surrounding areas and walk down, we will have the club car park open and possibly the village hall.

This event is only open to parents and siblings as we do not have the space to accommodate everyone’s extended families such as grandparents, aunt, uncles. Apologies for this.

We need all players and parents to attend if possible as the club will be paying to put this on. Please inform your managers you are attending as soon as possible. This will be a great event bringing unity to the club.

Please can all children wear the Cheadle and Gatley home top.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!


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